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USD $21,000.00USD $21,900.00

Due to the high volume of orders it may take up to a week for production of your device plus 3 to 4 day shipping. 


USD $6,400.00USD $7,100.00

Due to high demand the production time for the DCM3990 is around 5 to 9 days. So inclusive delivery you can expect to get your device in 10 to 14 days.


Sauna Dome – Hyperthermia Dome

USD $2,900.00 USD $2,800.00
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Order now and get the iCelsius Rectal Thermometer and 3 large towels completely free in your box. 

CANADA no longer allows the import of domes. If you want to get a dome into Canada you have to ship it to the closest FEDEX location on USA and pick it up there.


DNA Test Adult – Nutrigenomics DNA test

USD $1,500.00 USD $1,200.00

If you know your genetic profile and what gene variants you have, then you are armed with a very powerful tool for maximising your health potential. We do not inherit a disease state as such, but rather we inherit a set of susceptibility factors to environmental influences that modify the risk of developing a disease or imbalance in the body.


O3 Sterile Laundry

USD $599.00 USD $499.00


To introduce the new O3 Water Steriliser for commercial, semi commercial and home use we have discounted the price by $100 and added FREE shipping until the 1st of May. Be quick! this is one of the products you will be eternally grateful for.