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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the volume of comments we receive, we may not be able to respond directly to each request. Please be assured that we will review your comment and, if needed, respond as soon as possible. cannot offer medical advice of any kind. We are an informational website only and are not able to respond to specific health inquiries.

When contacting us regarding a specific product or issue, please include the URL, order Id or tracking number in the body of the contact form.

If you wish to talk to us directly. Please call Marcus on Australia  1 800 719 673   /   USA & Canada  1 800 810 4796

    TRULY HEAL Pty. Ltd. trading as


    Australia  1 800 719 673  

    USA & Canada  1 800 810 4796

    TRULYHEAL  Pty. Ltd.

    ABN:   32 621 367 557
    ACN:   621 367 557


    Sunshine Coast 4566 Noosaville QLD Australia




    Some banks may block the transaction in order to protect you from fraudulent internet activity.

    If this is the case simply call the service number on the back of your card and tell them that the transaction to TrulyHeal Ltd. in 4566 Noosaville, Queensland Australia is legitimate. They will then clear the funds and you can process your order.

    Please make payment to any of our local banks and use your “Order Number” as Payment Reference.


    Account Holder: Marcus Freudenmann

    Bank: TransferWise

    Account number: 8310032235

    BSB: 026073150


    Account Holder: HEALTHY TO BE LLC

    Bank: TransferWise

    Account number: 74359114

    BSB: 23-14-70


    Account Holder: HEALTHY TO BE LLC

    Bank: TransferWise

    Account number: 454075783

    BSB: 082-182


    Account Holder: HEALTHY TO BE LLC

    Bank: Deutsche Handelsbank

    IBAN: DE90 7001 1110 6050 5515 37



    International Transactions to

    Account Holder: TRULY HEAL PTY LTD

    Bank: ANZ Australia

    Account number: 411947151

    BSB: 014706


    When you receive a COUPON CODE in either email or after you have participated at a course or workshop by TrulyHeal, simply copy and paste this coupon code before checkout into your cart of HealthyToBe.

    This COUPON CODE will then subtract either a %% percentage or a $$ fixed amount from your order. Please be aware that coupon codes may be specific for a special item and not for everything in your shop.

    After you have finished any of our education videos on TH-PRO or PEMF or Hyperthermia you will receive and EXPERT COUPON CODE which is only valid for this particular item of group of items.


    Many of our TrulyHeal courses offer a reward for your efforts to educate yourself.

    You can get for example at the end of the PEMF EXPERT TRAINING  a 10% discount coupon.

    Also at the end of the Ozone Webinar  we offer a FREE SHIPPING and a FREE OZONE OIL worth $234 as a reward for learning first.

    When you watch the Hyperthermia Webinar you get the Core Body Temperature Gauge i-Celsius for free.

    If you sign up to our newsletter you get a 5% discount coupon and at the end of the 24 classes you get a 10% discount coupon.

    We always encourage you to learn first before making any rash decisions. So lets get started now.

    free Ozone training truly heal


    Your Ozone order will be processed in 1-2 business days.

    PEMF devices are built to order and may take up to 6 days until they are shipped. You will be notified via Email once they are sent.

    HealthyToBe is a collaboration website for different vendors. Each of them has a product range which they ship from different warehouses. If you order from one vendor the shipping charges will be less.

    The currency exchange you see on the website is only for your information and can change dependent on the bank you work with. Allow slight fluctuations based on currency changes.

    Many of our clients come to the USA to pick up the device at a Local FEDEX depot and take it in their luggage home. No import tax or duty. The flight from Germany or London to New York is usually less than $600. Compared to paying tax of 20% MwSt. plus 5% import duty, this is a bargain. Also on top of that you can enjoy a short holiday trip.

    If you for example buy a PMT digital for $21000 the import tax and duty to the UK is around $5000. You can fly first class and have a luxury holiday instead.

    Most vendors on “Healthy To Be” are from USA, Canada or Australia. This means you have to pay customs and duty to your local government when importing into Europe. You will most likely be charged your local GST VAT or MWST plus import duty.

    We have warehouses for most products in USA and Australia from where we can easily ship to CA and NZ. Unfortunately not yet in the UK. Because many of our products are not legal in your country it is very difficult to find a local distributor.


    Please add your item into the shopping cart and go to checkout. Enter your address to have the system calculate the cost to your specific address. Every destiny will have different shipping costs.

    The Ozone Power Bundle comes with free express DHL shipping.

    PEMF devices are shipped from California

    OZONE is shipped from Australia at the moment.

    LASER is shipped from Canada and California

    HYPERTHERMIA is shipped from California, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

    HealthyToBe is a community of different vendors. They all ship from different warehouses and different locations. Also postal services may differ in speed when you order items from USA and from Australia at the same time.

    That really depends on the product and location.

    Ozone products are generally send with DHL Express Courier and should arrive 2 days after shipping.

    Yes, you will be notified via email as soon as your order has been shipped. The email also includes tracking number and expected arrival of your order.




    Ozone generator 5 years

    PEMF DCM 3 years

    PEMT 120 1 year

    Rife 1 year

    Sauna Dome 1 year on Dome and 3 years on far-infrared heaters

    Lasers 1 year

    If your device is not working anymore then please contact TrulyHeal via email

    If your ozone generator is not working anymore please see FAQ- Ozone on before contacting us, as the problem could be easily fixed.


    All instructions of how to use devices and how to assemble them are found on TrulyHeal