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The Big Loop

The Big Loop is probably the most versatile applicator for Amy PEMF application. You can use the loop flat against the whole body, or insert limbs into the loop and treat lower body or joints. In many clinics is the loop used exclusively.

High Intensity Paddle

Even though the feeling of the paddle is least dramatic, the effects are the complete opposite.

Due to a very narrow and sharp beam the Paddle offers very deep penetration and local support where you really need it.

MagPad 2

The MagPad2 is a half body size mat with extreme high ion output. This mat is suitable for your lazy-boy but also massage table, treatment bench and recovery area.

The MagPad delivers a gentle PEMF experience to calm your nervous system, boost your immune system and to reduce pain. It’s like the stand of your electric toothbrush. You simply rest on the pad and recharge all of your cells with vital energy.

The sub frequency of the Clinic Duo with 7.89 hz offers the ideal charging station to rebalance all of your bodily systems.


Especially designed to treat angles, knees, shoulders and elbows the butterfly is the applicator of choice for athletes, physiotherapists. it is easy to treat knee injuries, tennis elbow and shoulders.

The Butterfly can also be used very successfully over the head to stimulate brain activity in all brain centres.