O3 Water Bubbler


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Ozone Water Bubbler:

The Ozone Bubbler System can be used either for ozonating water or humidifying ozone gas.

For making ozone water, pour the best distilled water into the container and attach the bubbler to the ozone generator.  The internal stem has a fine-pore diffuser at the bottom, where the gas will bubble through the liquid.  Once it bubbles through the liquid, it will exit the container into what is called an “ozone destruct.”  The ozone destruct is filled with a carbon-based catalyst which will neutralize the excess ozone so it is not dispensed into the air.

A third hose is also submerged into the water and is used to poor Ozonated water into a cup by pinching the tube to the destruct unit. This same 3rd hose is used to fill the container with water.

This system allows the use of ozone water without any ozone escaping into the air. 


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