O3 Sterile Laundry

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  • Do you have problems with mould and mildew?
  • Need sterile towels and linen for your guests and don’t want to use chemicals and disinfectants that cause disease?
  • Are some of your family members or patients sick with infectious diseases such as lyme, Hepatitis A, B, C or HIV and you need to contain the infections?
  • Do you use towels and bandages and need to sterilise them for the next patient? 
  • As a dentist do you need sterile and clean water on tap for your patients to flush and wash their mouth?
  • Do you work with fish, chicken, dogfood and other perishables and need to sterilise your workplace? 


It does not matter what you use Ozone Water for, you can always be sure that it works.

Ozone water does not cause any harm to your health. To the contrary. You will enjoy better skin and hair, a healthier constitution and more energy. And all this while saving in expensive disinfectants.

Ozone kills Bacteria, Virus, Mould, Fungi, Candida and even antibiotic resistant bacteria. 


This water purifier is an environmental friendly appliance for semi professional and residential environment. It is designed to soften your water and by adding ozone to the cold water to disinfect the water and also the things you wash.

With the efficiency of sterilizing, disinfecting and purifying water, it is ideal for your water treatment.

This appliance introduces permanent magnetic waves to soften the tap water, then adds ozone to the water via venturi induction and further mixes with a static mixer the ozone into the water, to make sure appropriate gas-liquid proportion are achieved.


Main function of this water purifier:

 Ozone dissolved into water for sterilisation and disinfection

 Softening the water with magnetic waves

 No need chemical disinfectants

 Environmental friendly

 Smart & Low consumption

Weight3.4 kg

ConstructionDurable Design
Dimensions367 × 277 × 89 mm
Electrical110 – 240 VAC 50 – 60 Hz
Generation MethodCorona Discharge
MaintenanceSystems require no additives, cleaning or maintenance. Once you install the system, your work is done.
Ozone Output300-400 mg/h

Shipping Weight6.5 lbs (2.95 kg)

Supply GasAmbient Air filtered with UV Light
Timerno timer / Automatic on/off per water consumption
Warranty1 Year
  • Enables you to thoroughly wash and clean your clothes without or reduced amount of detergent.
  • Lets you wash your laundry with cold water only.
  • Detergent, Chemical and Odour free for those with sensitive skin.
  • Effectively attacks and combats Bacteria, Viruses, Mold and Mildew.
  • 10 minute installation by homeowner without any special tools.
  • Requires no maintenance or additives.
  • Only activates when the washer is in use, plugs into a standard outlet and uses less than 40 watts of electricity.

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