O3 Insufflation Bags


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O3 Ozone Insufflation Bags

The ozone insufflation bag is a useful tool in capturing various quantities of ozone – 200, 400 and 750mls. The amount of ozone can be changed by pinching with the fingers. The ozone insufflation bag has a leur lock attachment therefore it can be connected directly to a ozone generator and silicon catheter. Ozone is then dispensed from the bag via compression (rolling up the bag).

Key features:

  • 3-cambered bag allowing for different ozone amounts: 200, 400, 750ml
  • insufflation bag is made out of ozone resistant PVC
  • male luer lock attachment for easy connections
  • adjustable clip to prevent ozone leakage from the bag

Recommended that the bag is replaced after 5-10 uses


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