Acute Immune Consultations  

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TRULY HEAL Acute Immune Consultation

Book a Acute Immune Consultation if you want:

  • An individual assessment of your immune status
  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations that are specifically tailored to you
  • Supplemental advice to boost your immune system with dosage recommendations. We will ensure to select product that will be available online in your country of origin so that they can be delivered to your door.
  • Discussion of further therapies to boost your immune system and relevant to your case.

Why is this relevant?

As COVID-19 infections escalate and the misinformation continues to spread we have decided to offer acute immune consultations via WhatsApp/Skype/Phone call.

We have been researching, discussing with leaders in health fields and slowly have begun establishing our science-based best-practice interventions for COVID-19.

COVID-19 seems to be resulting in more severe infections in immune compromised patients and people with relevant comorbidities. These being older age, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes and cancer.

Therefore, therapies, dietary lifestyle practices that support your immune system and reduce risk factors are going to have a generally protective effect and will also increase your baseline happiness, resilience and sense of well-being.

What do you get in this consultation?

  • Individualized assessment of immune status
  • Specific program to support your immune system
  • Considering the relevant co-morbidities specific to COVID-19
  • Diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • Supplemental advice including dosage recommendations
  • Finding good quality products available in your country
  • Discussion of further therapies relevant to your case
  • A comprehensive email summary, discussing key points and recommendations

What is involved?

  • Once booked you will receive an email with a few general questions
  • Tell us your primary concerns
  • We will email you our earliest availabilities to organise a day/time that suits you
  • Comprehensive 30-45 minute WhatsApp, Skype or Phone call
  • Following the consultation, contact your practitioner for follow up consultation or more information

Although there are currently no FDA or TGA approved products that have been trialed in relation to COVID-19. The global research effort is under way and we’re watching this space very carefully. Until we can get this scientific validation, there are several promising trials underway and looking at past peer reviewed studies there are a number of safe and well-researched natural compounds and therapies available to us.

By booking a consultation we will be able to provide you a targeted individualized program to support your immune function.

Who will you be consulting with?

Benedict Freudenmann

BHSc - Nutritional Medicine

Benedict Freudenmann is a passionate and intellectually minded individual, whose drive to health and knowledge makes him an inspiring practitioner. Benedict has co-authored the Functional Medicine Health Coaching program, worked in a variety of health related roles and co-founded the Truly Heal Functional Medicine Practitioner Application. In Germany, Benedict worked as a Clinical Nutritionist at an alternative cancer clinic. He currently works in his own private practice in Hobart, Tasmania, and also conducts TRULY HEAL cause evaluations for international clients. Benedict has found his strength in investigating, understanding and treating complex cases.

Deborah Freudenmann

BHSc - Naturopathy

Deborah Freudenmann, is co-director of the Truly Heal Academy as well as co-author and teacher of the Functional Medicine Health Coaching program.

As a practitioner, she continues to research, write and educate. With a passion for education Deborah has found her interest discovering and assimilating the newest research and finding ways to apply this research. In doing so Deborah continues to investigate and educate people on understanding, finding and resolving the underlying causation of chronic diseases.