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O3 Sterile Laundry

US $599 US $499

O3 Water Steriliser for commercial, semi commercial and home use is discounted by $100 and we added FREE shipping. Be quick!

This is one of the devices you will be eternally grateful for.


OXYozone – Oxygen Concentrator for Medical Ozone Devices

US $550 US $450

OXYozone Out of stock. New stock arrives end of March. Preorder now. 

Oxygen Concentrator built specifically for medical ozone generators.

Simply connect this Oxygen concentrator to your Ozone device and produce medical ozone from 16mg/l to 99mg/l . No more medical or industrial oxygen bottles needed.

Out Of Stock

O3 Water / Oil – Bubble Bundle

US $255 US $235

This Bubble Bundle comes with extra 3 way valve, extra hose, destruct units and everything you need to get started immediately.

Ozone generator not included!


8 Organic Ozone Oils

US $80 US $69


Ozonated oils are used topically for infected wounds, anti-aging, acne/pimples, warts, toenail fungus, vvaginal infections, hair-loss, speeding up postoperative healing processes, easing radiation burns, improving blood flow, reducing pain and many more….