Welcome to the HTB Affiliate Program. 

As a means of advertising we have decided to rather invest into our clients and supporters instead of Google or Facebook. We therefore offer you the opportunity to earn a good income with all products we have on offer.

There are a few bonuses we have built into our affiliate program.

  • Tiered Affiliate Rates. You refer up to 1 to 4 sales per month = 10% commission. 5 to 9 sales per moth = 15%  10 or more sales per month = 20%
  • Lifetime Commission. This means when you have referred a client and they purchase a product, all future sales will be rewarded to you as well.
  • Team work. Manny have come to us through webinars, podcasts or summits. Pick your team and win extra bonuses or tools for your team.
  • Automatic payout. We have installed a plugin that pays commissions on the 1st of each month.
  • New affiliates have to refer at least 2 sales before commissions are rewarded.
  • Affiliate training. We have set up training videos to teach you all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate promotions. A few times during the year we offer affiliate discounts that you can pass on to your friends and clients.